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Showing and Proclaiming the
Good News of Jesus Christ

Voz y Manos is a non-profit, multinational and multicultural evangelical Christian foundation. Currently, the nations represented within Voz y Manos are ,Argentina, Austria, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Switzerland, and the United States.

About Us

Voz y Manos comes from a ministerial heritage of more than 90 years. Our history goes back to the beginning of "The World Radio Missionary Fellowship," better known in Ecuador as Radio HCJB. In 1931, a group of missionaries founded the radio ministry with the goal of proclaiming the Gospel message of Christ to the entire world.


Much time has passed and today Voz y Manos  takes is place with the same goal: "proclaim the Gospel of salvation in Christ

to the whole world."


Many ministries have been developed

throughout the years our ministry

has existed.


"Community Ministries" demonstrates and proclaims the Gospel of Salvation in Christ through social development collaborations reaching as far as the most distant communities in the 

Ecuadorian Amazon.

"Corrientes Misioneras" is a missionary training program that emphasizes

personal mentoring for Latin Americans who have been called by God to the

cross-cultural mission field.


"Apoyo Pastoral" trains and accompanies pastors and church leaders

 in Latin America.

Get Involved

Ministry teams are made up of men and women who have been called by God to serve Him. Serving God is a privilege that few respond to. We encourage all who visit us to consider devoting their lives to serving people in gratitude to God.

We believe that God raises up servants from local churches. If you believe God is calling you to the mission field, in the area in which God has prepared you, the first step is to pray for His confirmation and direction. The second step is to speak with the pastor of your local church and express your desire for service.

The third step is to get in touch with us to learn about the ministry areas in which

Voz y Manos serves and coordinate, according to your calling, capacities, and abilities.

What we do


In Apoyo Pastoral, we work to provide local church leadership

with opportunities to grow in character, ministry skills,

and relationship with God and others.

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Ministry Opportunities

Join our ministry team, and serve in Ecuador with your skills.  Email us at: for more information.

Our History

We have a history of more than 90 years serving

the Lord in Ecuador and the world.

Come participate with us

"Mission on Board" is a cross-cultural missionary experience

in which participants live for 5 days in missionary ministry.

We serve in partnership with:

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