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The World Radio Missionary Fellowship, the Mother Ministry of Voz y Manos


The World Radio Missionary Fellowship (TWRMF) has been serving the Ecuadorian people and the world for more than 90 years. The fruits of TWRMF have been very diverse, with several ministries initiated by TWRMF missionaries. The first ministry is the radio station HCJ; to this day it is a blessing to many. It has been followed by several ministries, which are still a blessing to many people around the world. Among these today we have Foundation Voz y Manos. From Ecuador it coordinates and directs missionary outreaches in Latin America.

The World Radio Missionary Fellowship -

Radio HCJB -

Fruits of The World Radio Missionary Fellowship (TWRMF)

TWRMF - 90 years of history - Part 1

TWRMF - 90 years of history - Part 2

On December 25, 1931, TWRMF – HCJB made its first transmission in a combination of English and Spanish, from a remodeled sheep barn north of Quito. Over time, the radio station grew and crossed national borders, not only with its message of hope, but also as an ambassador of Ecuadorian culture. It reached further and further, in 18 languages and dialects on shortwave, allowing unique contact with listeners.


In 1951, land was purchased near Pifo and a new transmitter was installed. Mission engineers designed a network of antennas from which programs of hope were broadcast around the world.


More ministries such as the Bible Institute, the Christian Air Academy, the Print Shop, and the Christian Communications Center were created.


Great changes have occurred in TWRMF. The dream that God put at the heart of the mission was not only the proclamation of the good news through media and healthcare, but also support for the most needy communities and the equipping of Latin American leaders and missionaries to be the VOICE and HANDS of Jesus.

Community Ministries

Community Ministries is one of the areas of Foundation Voz y Manos that has the purpose of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world through help for the social development of the indigenous communities of Ecuador. We believe there are many ways to carry the message of the Word of God, and that is why we use different means to achieve a strong spiritual communion with the people we serve. If you are interested in serving with us, please contact us. It will be a blessing to receive your message.

Mission on Board

Another ministry of Voz y Manos is "Mission on Board". Our last trip to the Amazon jungle of Peru was in April 2023.

A team of Christians committed to evangelism and service give their time and skills so that others can know the love of Jesus Christ.

Currently we are working on preparing our next trip "Mission on Board 2024". If you want to be part of this missionary experience do not hesitate to contact us.

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